Jonathan K. Dodson

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Richard Dawkins and Stephen Colbert

December 31, 2006

Social Darwinism may be hip and popular science, but not without its popular detractors. Dawkins and Colbert go at it over the existence of God in a hillarious, informative and insightful exchange. There are some great one liners. Who won?


Indiana Jones in 2008

December 30, 2006

Yes, and Sean Connery might even return with Harrison Ford in a fourth and final, fantastic “Indiana Jones”! Apparently this script is written and will focus on character development, spiced with action and intrigue.


Little Miss Sunshine

December 28, 2006

No doubt you’ve heard of Little Miss Sunshine, but have you seen it? Should you see it? Well, if dysfunctional families who love each other and are trying to make sense and purpose out of life frighten you, then probably not. On the other hand, if you appreciate real, earthy characters, and stories pulled from everyday life (well, almost), and road trips, then you’ll want to brighten your day by renting this DVD. Ironically, Little Miss Sunshine is anything but


Writing for Boundless

December 27, 2006

In recent months I have been doing some writing (accountability, marriage) for Boundless–a webzine whose aim is to foster “living intentionally with purpose by bringing your gifts, talents and Christian worldview to bear on your whole life.” Boundless has a blog and a searchable and topical archive of articles that address a host of issues from the Christian worldview such as Abortion, Evolution, War, Politics and Faith, Manliness, Womanhood, Mentoring, and Entertainment. Check it out.