Month: May 2007

Monster Pig Killed by 11 Year Old?

Could this be legit? Pig is supposedly 10’7″ from hoof to snout. The father’s description of the event ties killing beasts to Genesis 3. He follows that by making an appeal to “hunt for souls, for which we do not need a license.” And concludes: “Those lost souls will truly be our greatest trophies in the end.”

See the Fox News story here. The Monster Pig website here.

American Idol, Jordan Sparks, Abortion

It’s rare that a pop icon is known for a stance on abortion, especially pro-life, especially out of the gate in popularity. Jordan Sparks has been a long time advocate of pro-life. It will be interesting to see how liberal media outlets handle this emerging pop star conservative. See the story here.

Falling Man

There are few things like reclining in a comfortable chair or couch, cafe au lait within arms reach, pleasant sounds in the background, and a well-written, engaging book in hand. Fewer still are these moments, especially as a parent. My wife sent me out this evening to enjoy one of the things I enjoy most.

The au lait isn’t that great; the coffee was too weak. The book, on the other hand, is titilating. It’s so engaging that I enter a five second debate after each chapter: “Should I save the rest for tomorrow?” I read on. Falling Man is a likely book from an unlikely author. Likely, because it’s a fictional account of life after 9/11 in the world of a few Manhanttanites. An unlikely author becasuse DeLilo is perhaps best know for his magnum opus, Underworld.

The first chapter of Falling Man is online for free. See Frank Rich’s NY Times review here. Many thoughts are brewing after the first five chapters. I’ll hold them until the end but expect a reflective post on Falling Man very soon. Books like this don’t linger long in my hands.