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Tools for Missional Communities

October 31, 2010

We had a great breakout on Starting and Multiplying Missional Communities on Saturday at the GCM EveryDay Training. Several inquired about where to find the various documents and resources we mentioned. Tools for Missional Church – this is a topical archive of missional tools I have created over the past few years in planting our church and forming missional communities. GCM Resources – this is an “open source” collection of resources created by all of us in the Feel


GCM EveryDay in Austin!

October 30, 2010

The inaugural GCM EveryDay training is off to a great start with Steve Timmis addressing us on Church in the Margins. Church on the Margins He’s delivering a sobering message about the decline of the church in America. We are moving towards 60% unchurched. Christianity is increasingly marginalized culturally, politically, spiritually. This is a prophetic wake-up call to the American Church, a prescient message from the post-Christian UK to the US. Steve Timmis Quotes I don’t like the term postmodernity


3 Layers of Gospel & Culture

October 26, 2010

The relationship between Gospel & Culture is often fuzzy. I’ve recently been explaining the relationship between the two with three layering claims that build on one another. First, we must understand the Gospel in light of culture. Second, we must understand Culture in light of the Gospel. Third, only then can we wisely Church the Gospel in our cultures. These three layers of understanding build on each other the way you plant a tree. We need seed (Gospel), soil (Culture),


Quotes from: “What is the Gospel – Revisited?”

October 24, 2010

John Piper was recently presented with a festschrift called For the Fame of God’s Name, in which pastors and scholars contribute 27 chapters, totaling 508 pages, in honor of Piper’s God-centered life and ministry. New Testament scholar D.A. Carson made a considerable contribution in his chapter “What is the Gospel?–Revisited” (free by clicking on Sample Pages). This chapter will prove essential in clarifying positions and understandings of the meaning and scope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Though at times