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Enthralling 7 minute Broken Bells Movie

October 29, 2013

Fascinating isn’t it? This is Part 1, entitled: “The Angel and the Fool.” How often we are distracted by shiny things, which draw us away from our one, true love! It took so long to find her, but we let her go, far too easily enamored with lesser, and more dangerous objects. Curious to see where the film series goes. What an example of great culture-making, all to promote a new album! Christians have even better news to promote, but


Changing Your Mind & the Magnet of Prestige

October 27, 2013

Allow yourself the uncomfortable luxury of changing your mind. Cultivate that capacity for “negative capability.” We live in a culture where one of the greatest social disgraces is not having an opinion, so we often form our “opinions” based on superficial impressions or the borrowed ideas of others, without investing the time and thought that cultivating true conviction necessitates. We then go around asserting these donned opinions and clinging to them as anchors to our own reality. It’s enormously disorienting


Free Will & World Religions

October 26, 2013

Two apologetic articles I wrote happened to be published this week, one on free will/sovereignty of God and one on the question of religious pluralism (which is a reprint). This certainly isn’t on the last word on either topic but I hope they’re helpful! Sovereignty and Free Will What Makes Christianty Unique among world religions?


New Book & Cover Art

October 24, 2013

  I am very excited about this book. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the largely neglected–yet essential–“other half” of the gospel. While it is true that “if Christ is not raised, we are still in our sins”; it also true that a man beating death and becoming a preview of the world to come is inconceivable. Brad and I wrote this book together out of our love for skeptics and the questions they help us ask. We have added