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Say Something Worth Believing (New Book in 2014) + Coverart

November 6, 2013

  Too many people find the gospel unbelievable because of the incredible ways we communicate it: Name-dropping Jesus at work to feel good about your Christian duty Arguing about political issues as essentially Christian Recruiting people to your church and not to Jesus Regurgitating information about the death of a first century Jewish messiah without taking the time to love and know others. Our gospel communication is often dry doctrinal communication, devout of love or any real understanding about a


The Doubt of Ten Thousand Choices

November 3, 2013

Sometimes doubt is generated not by a deliberate philosophical and systemic moral choice but by ten thousand atomistic choices. A man may begin his adult life with full, Christian convictions, worked out in faithful godliness, disciplined prayer and Bible reading, and thoughtful witness. Somewhere along the line, the Bible reading dries up; prayer becomes spotty; the pressures or rising obligations at work reduce church attendance to a bare minimum. A charming colleague or assistant at work seems far better able


Gospel Advance: Leading a Movement that Changes the World

November 1, 2013

I’m excited to announce the GCD Books Monday release of Dr. Alvin Reid’s new book, Gospel Advance: Leading a Movement that Changes the World. The book is a great introduction to movements, and how anyone can join the historic movement of the gospel. This could be the next book that puts you, your disciples, or leaders over the hump of complacency into the thick of true missional living. Short, punchy, and inspiring! Buy it, read it, but most importantly, do it!