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Difference Between House Churches and Missional Communities

August 6, 2009

Tim Chester lists several differences between House Church meetings and Missional Communities. Read them over. Are there any missing? Community House groups often tend to be a weekly meeting. People talk about ‘house group night’ – the evening in which they ‘do’ house group by attending a meeting. A missional community is about a shared life, a network of relationships, a genuine community of people. Bible-centered House groups are often centred around a Bible study. The Bible is central to


Organic Church?: Models and Methods of Planting

October 22, 2008

There are a variety of models for church planting that have proven effective. Church Planting Village lists five main models: Program-driven Purpose-driven Relationship-based Seeker-sensitive Ministry-based. Ed Stetzer includes all but the Program-driven model, but notes that only 19% of planters (among Baptists) actually identify themselves with a model. My guess is that this low percentage is a product of post-modern scorn of models, as well as ignorance regarding models. Whether you like it or not, your church plant methodology will


Tools for Missional Church

September 29, 2008

This page is devoted to very practical tools for planting or cultivating missional churches. Please feel free to download documents, adapt them, and so on. I do ask that you link back to this site if you re-post from these tools and cite where appropriate. Every blessing in your missional endeavors. Church Planting Resources | Missiology | Missional Core Teams | Missional Communities | Missional Leadership | Missional Ecclesiology | Missional Church Practices | Missional Movements Church Planting Resources Church