Hope Anthology Volume One – John Mark McMillan

I have often found myself hard-pressed to find Christian music that I like (besides worship music). Even with the explosion of the Christian music industry over the past ten years, it appears that, as the explosion has cleared, there has been more rubble than riches. Having said that, it’s been a while since I’ve dilligently searched Christian music.

At www.grassroots.com I was pleasantly surprised to stumble across a new musician, John Mark McMillan, whose album, Hope Anthology Volume One, can be streamed for free online: http://www.grassrootsmusic.com/artist/mcmillanjm McMillan creates a folk-rock kind of sound, his whiny vocals calling to mind a younger Dylan. Occasionally you’ll hear the kind of loops and mixes that David Gray does so well. The short album has a nice blend of songs, ranging from acoustic rythms to folk funk. On the funkish side of things is “Ominous,” a song about the radical impact Christian love can have on society,”like a six rounds in the hands of a killer, I am dangerous in Your arms.” The slow groove “Who Can See” begins, “Make my chest a place where your heart can rest.” Amen. A worshipful plea indeed. The chorus is essentially James 4.8 (cf. Ps 24.4), “Who can see the Lord? One whose hands are clean and whose heart is pure.” McMillan blends the essential soveriegn work of the Spirit in our hearts with the urgent imperative that we responsibly pursue purity of heart and hand…and reminds us of the great benefit of purity- seeing the soveriegn Lord! Hope you enjoy it…and here’s hoping for Volume Two- soon!