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Liking Has Limits

December 14, 2017

When we connect with someone we often click or say that we like them. This connection is typically because of a shared interest or value, and because we “connect” we prefer the company of that kind of person. We do the same with food and clothes. We like particular foods more than others, so include them in our weekly diet. We are drawn to particular fashion, so we buy certain clothes that express who we are. We tend to like people


Hope for Those On the Brink

November 12, 2014

As I read On the Brink: Grace for Burned Out Pastors I felt Clay’s understanding arm wrapped around my shoulder, his words carrying heartfelt empathy, something that can be hard for pastors to find. As I collapsed on my bed in the mountains, I read and silently wept. My Heavenly Father was tenderly pulling the pain out. I’ve peered over the fence of burnout a couple times. The first time was due to a mix of traveling too much, demands of ministry, and not enough intimacy with


Competing Visions of Church

August 4, 2014

People’s visions of church differ. When I first moved to Austin I asked people what they thought about church and if Austin needed another one. Some said, “Only if it does good.” Others said, “No way; we’ve got enough bigots.” A Massive Vision of Church Christians are also divided on their visions of church: “more community, better music, less preaching, more social justice” Paul trifles with our visions of church when he says: “Do you not know that you (plural)


Jon & Ashley’s VERY AWESOME Wedding invitation [video]

June 11, 2014

Now, here’s an incredibly creative save the date video done by my friends Jon & Ashley. Ian, another friend and our new Executive Pastor, had the honor of conducting their wedding ceremony. The reception was wonderful, a wide open grassy lawn shaded by massive pecan trees, next to a river. Our kids played and played. We all rejoiced. Jon and Ashley’s Save the Date Video from Jon Huebner on Vimeo.