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Gospel Coalition Articles

How to Inhabit an Unraveling Culture

Pastoral Apologetics for a New Era

What Pastors Need to Know about ‘Nones’

The Comfort of Heaven Works Backwards


Christianity Today Articles

Pastors in Pain, Christ can Redeem Your Suffering

Drawing Your Sermon

Grieving is Leading 


Desiring God Articles

Two Big Reasons Evangelism Isn’t Working

Three Ways Evangelism Can Be More Believable

You Can Know the Holy Spirit


Evangelical Missions Quarterly

The Church and Its Vocation: Lesslie Newbigin’s Missionary Ecclesiology

Mission in the Early Church: Themes and Reflections

Creating a Missional Culture: Equipping the Church for the Sake of the World


Faith and Work

How Should We Then Work?

Working and Growing Backwards

What To Do With Vocational Honors?

Community and the Cubicle

Confusing Vocation with Identity

Working Theologically: What We Do or How We Do It?

In the Workplace, But Not of It


Marriage & Family

Gospel-centered Family Resources

Accountablity Groups

Resources on Marriage & Dating

Imagine Your Children

Becoming A Parent: Facing Your Fears and Frustrations


Missional Living

Resources for Justice & Mercy

8 Ways to Easily be Missional

10 Ways to Help the Homeless

Listen to the Lost: Inverted Evangelism



Missional Discipleship:Reinterpreting the Great Commissions

Why the Missional Church is Not Enough


Hate the City, Love the City