Rick Warren and Six Trends

In May the Pew Forum for Religion and Public Life held its biannual Faith Angle conference, inviting Rick Warren, author of the bestselling book in the world, The Purpose Driven Life and pastor of Saddleback Church, to address “Myths About Megachurches.” However, some of the most interesting things said by Warren were concerning the “Six Trends” he has observed in culture and Christianity.

To be honest, I donít know a lot about Warren or the Forty phenomenon, but the article is intriguing: http://pewforum.org/events/index.php?EventID=80 I’ve summarized the Six Trends here. What do you think? Is Warren wrong or right? How will these trends affect Christianity both national and global?

  1. Burgeoning Growth of Compassionate Activism
  2. Explosion of 40 Days of Purpose across cities and churches (10%)
  3. Small Groups is the means of the next Spiritual Renewal
  4. Shift of Power from Parachurch to Local Church
  5. Three Great Questions: 1) Will Islam modernize peacefully? 2) Will the US return to its religious roots? 3) What will replace the Marxist vacuum in China?
  6. Partnership between Protestants and Catholics on Evangelical issues is changing the cultural landscape.