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More Edwards…

March 17, 2006

Michael McMullen has released a second volume of Edwards previously unpublished sermons: The Glory and Honor of God As many of you may know, Yale is launching a new Jonathan edwards online site with tons of previously unaccessible manuscripts made available. I am beta testing it and it looks pretty good so far. For more go to: Jonathan Edwards online


Jonathan Edwards Does Not Have an Evangelical Christology

March 14, 2006

Many evangelicals worship Christ, sometimes the Father and rarely the Spirit. Many of these doxological binitarian evangelicals are monotheistic (not trinitarian) in practice. Many of these Christ-worshipping monotheists only know Christ as “Savior.” They love and worship and follow Jesus because of his substitutionary, reconciling death and resurrection. A few know him more intimately and can explain the treasures of redemption in Christ by pointing out our Lord’s work of expiation, propitiation, imputation, reconciliation, etc. Such christology is narrow. The


With One Voice- Reggie Kidd on Worship

March 11, 2006

Many thanks to Josh Otte for turning me on to Reggie Kidd’s With One Voice. Here’s a quote on Kidd’s redemptive-historical, Jesus-centered book on worship: “When Paul tells his churches to “let the word of Christ dwell . . . richly” among them by means of “psalms, hymns and spiritual songs” (Col. 3:16 niv), he’s inviting them to do more than use music as a “warm-up” to the sermon. The song is not ornamentation; it is participation in the very


The Next Christendom

March 5, 2006

Relevance: Jenkins offers a broad scale analysis of the current and coming state of Christianity around the world- a foundational thesis for the theme of this course. Contribution: Using both historical and statistical analysis, Jenkins establishes a case for the global character of past, present, and future Christianity. Although Jenkins does not offer new observations, he does offer them to a new audience. In reflection upon the vast and voluminous influence of Christianity, Jenkins explores possible reasons for its longevity