Jonathan K. Dodson

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Fatherhood and the Continental Divide

August 28, 2006

Last week I hiked up to the Continental Divide in Steamboat Springs, Colorado with my son on my back. The extra weight made it an arduous hike, but it was incredibly inspiring. As I exhaled in awe and in exercise, it occured to me that hiking my son to the Continental Divide is much like fathering. Like any father, I desire the best things for my son-good friendships, health, joy, stability, and faith in Christ. Some of these things I


Significance by Works

August 23, 2006

I have been living on devotional snacks lately, thirty minutes here, fifteen there. These times are genuine but barely substantial enough for the demands of daily discipleship. The past ten days have been crammed with four plane trips, two long distance drives, intense churchplanting examination, testing, networking and research. In all of this there can be a subtle seduction towards finding significance in works.   This morning I woke up in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. After the usual demands of fatherhood


Planting a Church…

August 19, 2006

Thanks for your prayers and emails regarding our exploration of Churchplanting. This week was filled with a barrage of tests (Strength Finders, DISC, Golden Personality), observation, interviews, group projects, etc by Teamerica. This was followed by two exit interviews and FIRST STEPS churchplanting training with Gary Rohrmayer (recently requested to direct Acts 29 by Mark Driscoll, but turned down). The assessment was intense and the training super. We passed! Teamerica recommended we pursue some churchplanting expereince, which is preciesly what



August 10, 2006

This Sunday Robie and I begin a week of churchplanting assessment and training with Teamerica, one of the most highly rated assessment centers in the country (though you could’nt tell it from thier website). Teamerica is associated with the Baptist General Conference (BGC). This is a rigorous process and includes testing, discussion, presentations, preaching, etc. We would be grateful for your prayers during this week as we seek God’s leading for the future. We’ll keep you posted on the developments!