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Neighborhoods and Community

Over the years, we’ve done several interviews with guests about how the physical structure of neighborhoods encourages the relational reality of community (e.g., Richard Moe, Jeff Speck, Eric Jacobsen, Lilian Calles Barger, etc.). . . . Novelist Orson Scott Card has recently commented on the importance of thinking in very tangible ways about how communities work . . . [Read more on Community]

R. R. Reno Recognizes Philip Rieff’s Work

Professor and MARS HILL AUDIO guest R. R. Reno describes why the late Philip Rieff is one of the most important social theorists and cultural critics of the modern era. In “Philip Rieff’s Charisma,” published on the First Things blog, he attends to one of the sociologist’s later works, Charisma. [Read more on Reno and Reiff]

The Peculiar Insanity of the Contemporary Public Square

Contemporary society considers religion a private matter that individuals practice–or don’t–at their discretion, it does not consider it a legitimate conversation partner for shaping the body politic. In “Religion and the Common Good,” Charles J. Chaput, the archbishop of Denver, explains that the absence of religious discourse in the public square is a consequence of the idea articulated by Nietzsche that God is dead. †[Read more on The Public Square]

The Subtlety of Film Noir

Movies in the genre of film noir portray more than wicked characters in hopeless situations, moving through dimly lit environments. In “Seeking with Groans: The moral universe of film noir,” Thomas Hibbs describes the moral complexity of the genre, which is gaining popularity with critics and movie watchers. [Read more on Film Noir]