Month: August 2007

Oxford Warns Wycliffe

It is interesting that Oxford University is in an uproar over the appointment of Dr. Turnbull to Wycliffe college, because he appointed a deputy who opposes women’s ordination. Anonymous allegations of homophobia are also being circulated and Turnbull is undergoing an investigation. It appears that accusations of misogyny and homophobia are readily received without proper concern for their origins. To oppose women’s ordination is one thing, to be a misogynist quite another.

All of this is an effort to retain liberal theological values, liberal values that are not liberal enough to accommodate more conservative perspectives on ordination. The Rev John Richardson points out: “Once the universities were bastions of Christianity, now they accept the ethos of a Christian education only grudgingly.” If various theological perspectives, including conservative ones, are not allowed to be presented just how liberal and academic is the theological education?

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What Teens Want: Family, Religion, Marriage

A new study by MTV and the Associated Press reveals conservative priorities for teens, our next generation.

A seven-month study conducted by MTV and The Associated Press reveals young people find the most happiness in family, religion is important to them, and they see marriage and children in their future.

Nearly 1,300 young people aged 13 to 24 years old were interviewed in late April. When asked what one thing in life makes them the most happy, 20 percent said family, the top answer. Nearly three-quarters said their relationship with their parents also makes them happy, and most of the respondents listed their parents as their heroes.

Are Christians becoming too culturally savvy for the sake of teens? Could this be a generational rebuke to our method-focused ministries? How are we redemptively engaging the rising generation of leaders to help them ground their marriages, relationships, and religious impulse in a life and worldview that changes both the heart and behavior, spirituality and society?

Evangelical to Orthodox?

This article in the Republic traces a trend of Evangelicals leaving their denominations in favor of the tradition of the Eastern Orthodox church. Concerns?

Two US Anglican Churches Join Kenyan Branch

Due to the continued appointment of gay priests and leaders in the Episcopal Church, one Massachusetts and one Texas church have joined the Kenyan branch in search of more conservative associations and ecclesiastical authority.

Africa is the statistical center of global Christianity. Increasingly, we will see the influence of Southern Christianity on the  World Christian movement. Do you view this as good or bad?

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