Month: September 2007

Kuyper: Calvinism as the Worldview?

In Lectures on Calvinism Kupyer begins by introducing his Calvinistic Weltanschauung (world and life view) and then turns to apply it to several areas of life and thought: Religion, Politics, Science, Art, and the Future. In the seminal chapter on Calvinism, Kuyper briefly discusses various uses of the term from four acute angles: historical, confessional, scientific, and denominational. In short, he describes the comprehensive nature of Calvinism as follows:

…[Calvinism] was developed first as a peculiar theology, then a special church-order, and then a given form for a political and social life, for the interpretation of the moral world-order, for the relation between nature and grace, between Christianity and the world, between church and state, and finally for art and science; and all these life-utterances it remained always the self-same Calvinism…Calvinism made its appearance, not merely to create a different Church-form, but an entirely different form for human life, to furnish human society with a different method of existence, and to populate the world of the human heart with different ideals and conceptions [italics added].

Books Back in Prison

You may recall my post on the Chapel Library Project, designed to remove many religious books from prisons. The Bureau of Prisons has now reversed its policy, with the exception of “inappropriate” publications! See an article on Jim Wallis’ blog here.

HT: Shaw

Meanings of "Missional"

Ed Stetzer, a top North American missiologist, recently blogged through a four part series on the meanings of “missional”. He identifies three main streams of thought in the missional movement. Ed has done some great historical work and theological reflection to bring clarity to an often overused and under-understood term.

Continue to Pray and Lobby for Burma/Myanmar

Early this morning Burmese troops invaded two monasteries, beating and arresting monks for their protests against the crippling rule of military dictator General Than Shwe.

In response to the violence, the United Nations Security Council called an emergency meeting on Wednesday to discuss the crisis, but China blocked a Council resolution, backed by the United States and European nations, to condemn the government crackdown. Read the rest.