14 Observations from Acts for Founding a Church Planting Movement

A few observations from the first two chapters of book of the Acts regarding church/church planting:

1) Jesus deliberately launched the Church by avoiding predictive talk about the timing and nature of a political future kingdom (1:6,7,11).

2) The power and presence of the Holy Spirit, not well-honed arguments, was central to the success of the global Church (planting) movement.

3) The first church launch team of 120 people was established upon a foundation of prayerful waiting on God (1:13-15).

4) The first church began in the midst of controversy and desertion. Judas, a key leader left the movement and had to be replaced (1:15-26).

5) The first church proclaimed a whole gospel for the whole world (1:8; 2:5-28; 3:1f).

6) The first church was grounded in whole Bible theology, demonstrating the unity of the Scriptures and their focus on Jesus.

7) The uniqueness and universality of calling on Jesus Christ for salvation (2:21-36).

8) The sovereignty and foreknowledge of God was central to the story of the church (2:22-23).

9) The death, burial and resurrection of Jesus was the central message of the Church.

10) Jesus was proclaimed as a living redeemer and life-giving lord over all things (2).

11) Personal repentance, baptism, faith and forgiveness was the natural result of gospel proclamation.

12) The church cultivated a profound sense of community through teaching, fellowship, shared meals and possessions, and prayer (2:42-47).

13) People were filled with awe and worship before God and his acts.

14) The church became an organic, growing movement (2:47).