Practices of a Missional Community – II

This weekend we had part I of our Leadership Training (Missional Leadership), which will be followed up by part II (Pastoral Leadership) next month. At ACL we believe that the most fundamental category of biblical leadership is not the pastor but the disciple. There will be no pastors, elders, or deacons in heaven; they are a temporary necessity but disciples will last forever. Disciples are both pastoral and missional; they “baptize” and teach” others (Matt 28:18-20). One day disciples will neither baptize nor teach others, but until then all Christians are called to be missional, pastoral leaders, to be priests and missionaries, to be disciples of Jesus.The third part of our training considered the Four Practices of ACL and how each one can be inward and outward, pastoral and missional. We focused on the missional nature of these. For what its worth, here are my sketchy, incomplete notes.

  1. Pray for one another and for the city

Pray that God would give you wisdom about how to produce missional disciples in your area of leadership. How can the band be missional? How can children in children’s ministry be missional? How can City Groups be more missional? Set Up/Tear Down be missional? Prayerwalk your neighborhoods, cubicles, etc.

Pray that God would make you a more missional disciple.

  1. Share life and truth

Share life and truth within your ministry in a way that nourishes inwardly but points them outwardly. Worship Team- discuss lyrics of songs, not just music

Childrens Mniistry- Show me Jesus, not Just as Savior but as Sent

City Groups- Stress the missional dimensions of truth in CGs

CGs be willing to share life through the addition of new members

3. Engage peoples and cultures

Engage people outside the church with love and interest. Make a habit of going to them in the gospel as a sent disciple, not as a solider or a spy. Press into peoples lives with a sincere interest in them and their fears, joys, concerns, hobbies. As missional disciples in your neighborhood, work Worship Team is thinking about singer/song-writer nights Hospitality Team with church socials Kids Life with visiting children City Groups with your SSP and where you meet Eat with them (Mark 2:13-17)

Engage culture by listening to your culture. What are the values of Central, South, and North Austin? What do your neighbors care about in the Anderson Mill area, around William Cannon, in Shoal Creek, downtown, Riverside Meadows?

4. Love one another

Be a hospitable people. You are a family expecting guests, not consumers showing up for a product. Welcome our visitors with love and attention. Ask them questions. The more prepared we are to receive guests, the more guests we will receive.

Everything speaks to visitors.