Training a Missional Core Team

Here are the Stages of Growth we followed as a Missional Core Team (see separate document Stages of Organic Growth for further explanation)

  1. Meals & Mission: time spent cultivating community over shared meals, missional conversation, and being on mission together socially and evangelistically.
  2. Vision & Mission: time spent in community discussions around vision and values, while continuing to practice mission.
  3. Commitment Night: an evening in which I gave a charge, we prayed for our city, had first communion over a meal, and celebrated God’s work in our Core Team.
  4. Bible Study & Mission: spent time teaching through Luke-Acts, identifying the themes and challenges of gospel, community, mission.
  5. Strategy & Missional Community: time spent in more strategic conversation and planning to be a church in the city and for the city through what came to be called City Groups (aka Missional Communities).
  6. Low Profile Public Gatherings: our first public gatherings which included preaching and primarily built up the existing Core Team
  7. High Profile Public Gatherings: our first attractional, public gatherings in a city centre location
  8. City Groups Multiply: existing City Groups multiply through mission and leadership development