Missional Living Conference A/V

Redeemer Church recently invited me to speak at their Missional Living Conference. The conference was built around the Three Gospel Conversions based on Colossians 1:15-20. Those familiar with my talks at LEAD ’09 will note that these new talks introduce a fresh theological and practical perspective on the Three Conversions. Each talk has both Audio and Video.

Conversion to Christ: This message deconstructs the dualism of American Christianity in order to reconstruct a whole Gospel around Jesus Christ as Lord.

Conversion to Church: This message demonstrates the communal character of the Gospel, unpacking very practical ways to cultivate “steady state community.”

Conversion to Mission: This message shows how mission is not optional but essential, and spends considerable time talking about how to live “everyday life with gospel intentionality.”

Bonus Sermon on What Kind of Church Renews a City?