Resources for Growing in Godliness

Godly Leadership among the people of God is critical. If a man cannot lead himself or his family well, how is he to lead others well? Unfortunately, disciplining yourself for godliness isn’t popular (1 Tim 4:7). Many opt out. Some to their own eternal loss (Heb 12:14). But fortunately, godliness is actually real gain (1 Tim 4:8; 6:6). To live a godly life is to enter into God’s blessing, and that blessing has a way of cascading into others’ lives. Here are some resources to help you cultivate the blessing of a godly life:




Growing in godliness is hard, rewarding work. If you’re striving to live a life of obedience to Christ, be encouraged that he has given you his Spirit to fulfill your desires for godliness. The challenge is to surrender to the desires of the Spirit, not succumb to the desires of the flesh. God stirs up the desires of the Spirit through his Word, worship, and prayer. Throw yourself into these graces and reap the reward of godliness. As you do, you’ll become a blessing to your family, your church, and your city.