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Weird Cities, Missional Community Training

January 31, 2011

Here are several new resources you should check out: Interview with Joshua Long, author of Weird City. We interview him regarding his book and its relevance for urban renewal. Austin City Life City Group/Missional Community Training (Gospel Leadership, Community Leadership, Missional Leadership) Community on Mission Conference Audio – great practical talk by Nate Navarro on EveryDay mission


Book Review: The Best Kept Secret of Christian Mission

January 26, 2011

John Dickson’s The Best Kept Secret of Christian Mission is worth reading. When I read the earlier version of this book called Promoting the Gospel, several of Dickson’s contentions lodged in my mind, so much that I read some of his Ph.D work. I wrote about this here. Below is a guest review of Dickson’s new book by my good friend, Juan Sanchez. Juan is Preaching Pastor at High Pointe Baptist Church in Austin, Texas and a member of the


8 Ways to Ruin Your Accountability Group

January 20, 2011

Make your accountability partner drop ten bucks in the jar for that grievous sin. Make your accountability a circle of cheap confession by which you obtain cheap peace for your troubled conscience. Ask one another moralistic questions that reinforce moral performance. Pilfer through God’s Word for an experiential buzz or life connection. Read the rest of 8 Ways to Ruin Your Accountability Group as a promotion of the new chapter I wrote for a new eBook.


The Failure of Missional Church

January 14, 2011

Missional Church has been quite the buzz in the evangelical church world. As with any buzz, it has a polarizing effect. People often adopt or reject a concept before they have properly understood it. This creates a bandwagon effect, uncritical early adopters who adopt an idea and jump on the bandwagon, without depth of understanding. Alternatively, there are the hypercritical naysayers, those who naysay missional church as a fading fad. Ironically, the hypercritical naysayers commit the same error as the