Month: January 2012

Gospel-Centered Discipleship (Book Update)


  • You can Pre-Order with Amazon
  • Crossway will publish it as an eBook
  • Those looking for my self-published Fight Clubs will find that material & much more in the new book (8 chapters, 176 pp)
  • Book Samplers have been printed w/ the intro and ch. 2. Keep an eye out for where you can get one soon!
  • Here’s one of the endorsements:

“Refreshingly honest and realistic, Dodson shares from experience the struggles and the blessings of making disciples. He does not give us a rule book, but practical teaching that can help every follower of Christ more effectively live out the gospel and the Great Commission.”

Robert Coleman, Distinguished Professor of Evangelism and Discipleship, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, author The Master Plan of Evangelism

Superficial Contextualization

Most of what is done in the name of contextualization isn’t contextualization at all. Two misuses of contextualization among so-called missional churches are, first, a superficial approach to culture and, second, gospel contamination that results from this approach.

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Evangelism or Social Action? | Gospel Discipleship | Apologetics for Faith

Evangelism or Social Action?
Take a few minutes to read my review of Michael Frost’s helpful book The Road to Missional over at the Gospel Coalition. His book is helpful in addressing whether we should prioritize evangelism or social action.

Gospel Discipleship

Check out the three new articles at by Tim Chester, Bill Clem, and Jared Wilson:

Apologetics for Faith

In preparation for my Spring sermon series on FAITH: Is Christianity Worth Believing, I’ve been helped by: