Beautiful Speaker Cabs

I love it when people throw themselves into making great culture, whether it is a hobby or vocation. Dane Gudde has started his own business. He specializes in custom speaker boxes (aka “cabs”) but also makes podiums.

Dane’s Description

This cab is 100% handmade from Poplar Lumber.  It is loaded with 2 Warehouse Guitar Speaker Veteran 30’s (Vintage 30 Clones) that are rated at 60 watts tube power each.  This 2×12 cab can handle 120 watts of tube power.  It’s all made by me in my garage, and it is a very punchy, LOUD cabinet.  Dovetail joints hold the cab together, and minimal internal bracing was used to secure the baffle to the cab.

 I am currently taking orders for any custom cabinet project, made from any type of wood (Dane Gudde: