How I Prepare a Sermon

It was a lot of fun to sit down with my friend John Chandler & SermonSmith as we discussed how I go about preparing sermons.

In the interview, I kind of sound like I just smoked a joint (although I never have). I’m so relaxed and chill, probably because I’m not passionate about the preaching process, and would rather talk about actual preaching or just preach. I really do like my process, really, and I think there will be some helpful things to others, but in the end everyone has to form their own process. John knows this, and it’s why he is exposing his listeners to so many different types of preachers.

Here are few highlights that John pulled out that we discussed:

  • Weekly rhythms for sermon prep
  • Relational work of a pastor
  • The Value of Reading Fiction for preaching
  • Lectio Divina & Preparation