3 Gems for Elder/Pastors

Whether you are flourishing or struggling as an elder or pastor in your church, you need a dose of these vitamins from Jared Wilson’s The Pastors Justification. And even if you aren’t a pastor, these quotes carry wisdom for everyday Christian character.

If you are a loudmouth boaster, your church will gradually become known for boasting. If you are a graceless idiot, your church will eventually become known for graceless idiocy. The leadership will set the tone of the church’s discipleship culture, setting the example for the body’s “personality.” (47)

Marital faithfulness often means others forsakenness.You are not one flesh with your church, but with your wife…Wife and family first, church second. This means pastors are first charged with pastoring their family. Indeed, one cannot even be allowed to pastor a church if he cannot or will not pastor his family. (51)

The pastor is to practice self-control at all times, including (if not especially) in his solitude. Can he have a drink without needing a drink? Can he surf the web without feeling the tractor beam of porn? Can he prepare his sermon or research a writing project online without surfing the web at all? Can he spent long unhalting periods of time reading a book or listening to sermon audio? Can he read a critical letter without becoming sinfully self-defensive and self-justifying? Can he hear the success of others and not covet or begrudge? (52)