Reading the Whole Bible with Jesus

Reading the Bible can be confusing, intimidating, and difficult. But it doesn’t have to be. I remember the first time I took a hermeneutics (interpretation) course. I was blown away. It was staggering to discover how poorly I had been reading the Bible, but my shock slowly turned to joy as I learned how to truly understand the Bible. I discovered deep truths that the world is built on, better understood who God is, and began to absorb his grace like a sponge. Then, as I worked on interpreting well, I began to see how the whole story of the Bible fits together, redemptive threads runing here and there, to tie everything together in Christ. Worship! Reading the Bible can actually be very exciting. That’s what the students are discovering in our course: Christ-centered Interpretation: Reading the Whole Bible with Jesus.

For those interested, we have posted our first two lectures in audio format.