Month: September 2014

5 Recommended Books on Discipleship

I was recently asked for a recommendation for discipleship other than Gospel-Centered Discipleship. Here are some key books:

The Master Plan of Evangelism – a classic by Robert Coleman that focuses on Jesus’ approach to making disciples: “Men were his method.”

Following the Master: A comprehensive biblical theology of discipleship that runs Old Testament to New. Solid, accessible.

Mere Discipleship – this book does a great job of showing how the already/not yet of the kingdom of God (inaugurated eschatology) should affect our discipleship. Its unique, deep, and practical.

Connecting– A great guide to sorting out different types of mentoring relationships: coach, spiritual guide, and so on.

Building a Discipleship Culture – Mike Breen is great at thinking through discipleship systems to create a culture of disciple making.

What is a City?

A very interesting reflection on what constitutes a city–organism or structure? This approach from physicists is intriguing, and looks like a promising series from The Atlantic.

My Brightest Diamond

Love this single from the new record by Shara Worden/My Brightest Diamond. Back when they were Awry from NYC, the band crashed in our little apartment in Gloucester, MA, waking up to the horror of 9/11 on our T.V. set. Her vocals shimmer with style and resonate with hope. The striking arrangements, musical diversity, and reflective lyrics make this a unique album.

In “Pressure” I kept thinking “female Thom Yorke.”

Hear the whole thing on Spotify.