Favorite Albums of 2014

Here are my favorite albums from 2014. Midlake’s Antiphon is #1 on purpose.

1. Midlake, Antiphon – This is my most played album of 2014. Favorite tracks: The Old & the Young, Aurora Gone, This Weight

2. Tacks, the Boy Disaster, Treasure Hunters – my favorite “undiscovered” band: http://www.tackstheboydisaster.com.

3. War on Drugs, Lost in the Dream – Bob Dylan meets Fleetwood Mac. Everyone seems to love this band.

4. Broken Bells, After the Disco – Every song is good, again.

5. David Ramirez, All

*Honorable mention to David Gray’s Mutineerswhere he made it almost full circle back to White Ladder.

**Miranda Dodson, Merry Christmas Time