Jonathan K. Dodson

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What is a City?

September 23, 2014

A very interesting reflection on what constitutes a city–organism or structure? This approach from physicists is intriguing, and looks like a promising series from The Atlantic.


How (Not) to Be Secular [video]

July 10, 2014

This is a fascinating account of our present secular experience that resonates, clarifies, and inspires.


Believe Me! – This is a Great Movie

June 25, 2014

BELIEVE ME is the film a lot of people have been waiting for. Part satire, part substance, part laugh your head off humor (can you say Ron Swanson or Christopher MacDonald, aka “Shooter McGavin”?), Believe Me does what many films have tried to do with Christian subculture, and the gospel message, and have failed. Believe Me succeeds, in flying colors. The dialog is excellent. Stephen Jones calls the humor “comedic perfection.” The cinematography isn’t just industry standard, it takes some creative


Jon & Ashley’s VERY AWESOME Wedding invitation [video]

June 11, 2014

Now, here’s an incredibly creative save the date video done by my friends Jon & Ashley. Ian, another friend and our new Executive Pastor, had the honor of conducting their wedding ceremony. The reception was wonderful, a wide open grassy lawn shaded by massive pecan trees, next to a river. Our kids played and played. We all rejoiced. Jon and Ashley’s Save the Date Video from Jon Huebner on Vimeo.