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New Practical Missional Resources

Something tells me that practical missional church resources will abound in 2009. There is very little in book form on how to build, lead, and multiply missional communities. I’ll be doing my part by writing two booklets, one on Fight Clubs and one on City Groups. However, there’s much more to look forward to, in print, social networking, and conferences. I’ll list a few. Please feel free to add to the list in the comments:

Missional Community Leadership Conference

Q Conference

Missional Tribe


Acts 29 Bootcamps and Conferences

Re-Sketching the Church series by JR Woodward

Organic Leadership

Missional Community Leadership Conference

The Austin Stone and Acts 29 are hosting a Missional Community Leadership Conference on Feb 6-7 at Great Hills Baptist. This is the kind of conference that is long overdue and will deliver on Gospel, Community, and Mission for the practitioner.

Main Speakers:
Matt Carter: Leading your Community to spiritual health
Darrin Patrick: Leading your Community to gospel repentance
Alan Hirsch: Leading your Community to missional discipleship


There are too many to list, but include topics like Missional Leadership, City-wide Networking, Discipleship, Communication & Conflict.

More Info here. Register there.

Service in the Local Church is Killing Her

Neil Cole offers a brief, biting reflection on how service in the local church is killing her. This is one of the reasons I appreciate his writing and ministry:

We ask for volunteers all the time. We offer spiritual-gift assessments to see where people fit best in our program, but we never really offer very challenging experiences for people. Handing out bulletins, directing traffic wearing a bright orange vest, chaperoning a youth function, or changing a diaper in the nursery may be helpful for the church program, but none of it is a task worth giving your life to. Many who struggle to do these things have a nagging unspoken question: “Did Jesus come so I can do this?”

We must transition from seeing church as a once-a-week worship event to an ongoing spiritual family on mission together. Then people will see church as something worth giving your life for. Honestly, people need one another more then they need another inspiring message. You would be surprised what people will do for Jesus, or for a brother or sister, that they will not do for a vision statement and a capital giving campaign.

How are you connecting the church to the church? Are your inspiring messages creating a church that lives in community and mission? Are you pseudomissional or gospel missional?

New Austin City Life website

Check out the new, vastly improved website for our church, Austin City Life. We are launching it in stages and will be working out the kinks, so its not all filled out. However, there’s plenty to check out and its pretty cool. Let me know what you think.

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