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Austin City Life Baptism

On Saturday we had our first church baptism. Baptism is an act of obedience that symbolizes faith in Jesus as Christ and Lord. It is a public declaration of repentance from false lords and faith in Jesus gracious, sovereign lordship. We wanted our public declaration of Jesus as Lord to be in a public place, so we chose Barton Springs in Austin.

It was about 100 degrees, the springs were packed with people “keeping Austin wierd.” Topless women, pot-smoking hippies, dogs and dog owners, families, and right in the middle of it all—people being baptized proclaiming their faith in Jesus as Christ and Lord!



It was a great joy to baptise Kristin and Chris, to celebrate the gift of new life in Christ together! We followed the baptism with a time of prayer and singing. Afterwards, we had a big church cookout, played games, and just enjoyed one another.

More reflections on the baptism here.

Cutting Edge Magazine

Okay. This issue of Cutting Edge is excellent. Every article is worth reading, which is rare for any publication. Here is the list. Here is the online pdf of the mag.

  • Process Managing Church Growth, Tim Keller
  • Small Group Strategy, Jim Egli
  • Sound Strategy: a few hints from an audio professional about your sound ministry, Lightning Atkinson (yep, Lightning)
  • Strategizing for Diversity, interview
  • Strategic Preaching, John Elmer
  • Getting a Building
  • Web Strategies for Church Planters