Month: February 2008

9 Marks: Christian Unity and Division

The new 9 Marks journal topic is Christian Unity. Here are a list of articles:

When, Why & Where To Draw Boundaries
God has entrusted us with a stewardship in this generation; the choice of doing something about false doctrine is up to us.
By Wayne Grudem

Theological Triage
Some doctrines demand agreement; some donít. But which are which?
By R. Albert Mohler

Fellow Workers for the Truth
A humbling meditation on 3 John 8 that should be read by every Christian leader in the entire world.
By Andy Johnson

New on my Desk: Salvo to Caputo

I received my first copy of Salvo today, an oversize perfect bound magazine that “debunks the cultural myths that have undercut human dignity, all but destroyed the notions of virtue and morality, and slowly eroded our appetite for transcendence; recovering the one worldview that works.

I also checked out Resounding Truth: christian wisdom in the world of music (Begbie); What Would Jesus Deconstruct, (Caputo) and Solomon Among the Postmoderns (Leithart).

AM, Coffee, Music @ Progress

From Progress Coffee….

OK, so maybe we can’t quite bring you the sunset in a cup but we can bring you the sunrise at 6:30 AM every weekday morning in March and April! A different band or solo act will be playing live on FOX at Progress followed by a brief interview. FOX wants a “live cafe’ / venue feel” so come in early and rock out with us!
Below are the first week of performaces and to see the rest of the monthclick here.

  • Monday, March 3rd – Chris Hawkes
  • Tuesday, March 4th – Jets Under Fire (these guys are great)
  • Wednesday, March 5th – Blue Mist
  • Thursday, March 6th – Dean Seltzer
  • Friday, March 7th – Tungsten Coil
  • Monday, March 10th – Tacks, the boy disaster (so are these guys)