Missional Leader Readiness

In an effort to cultivate Missional Leaders, we have identified some key qualities and questions.

Qualities: Some of the qualities we are looking for are presupposed by the questionnaire below. However, here are a few, very practical questions to ask that will reveal missional leader readiness.

  • Can they articulate both the Gospel and your vision?
  • Are they embodying the gospel and mission in community?
  • Have you known them long enough to trust their character and skill?
  • Have you spent enough time with them to know whether or not they can say to their missional community, “Imitate me.”?
  • Are they imitating you?
  • Do they have an increased grocery bill from sharing meals with Christians and non-Christians (stole that from Mark Moore)?
  • Do they demonstrate a willingness to be inconvenienced by community and mission?

Questions: We created a questionaire that I adapted from Drew Goodmanson. Each prospective City Group leader filled it out and then met with me to go over it. It has been very helpful in screening, cultivating, and shepherding leaders.