There’s a remarkable momentum being generated at VERGE. Wave after missional wave washes over conference participants through speakers, breakouts, and conversations. There’s a sense that the Spirit is really stirring his people, not into some kind of frenzy, but into all kinds of mission.

Alan Hirsch launched the wave with some dense missional aphorisms, followed by a host of speakers and breakouts that seem to build and build. I’m hopeful that the dam of disobedience will break, in my life and all our lives. Hopefully we all walk away motivated for mission, not by mission, but by Spirit. Here’s a quotation sprint through VERGE.

Alan Hirsch returned mission to it’s inception for every Christian:

Your baptism is your commission.

Matt Carter called us to Gospel before Mission:

If you love your mission, more than you love your Savior, then your Savior will have no part of your mission.”

Stetzer fired us up with his impassioned plea to release the church into mission:

“You shouldn’t have to say missional disciples; disciples are mission.”

Something is happening. Maybe it will result in a movement, maybe not. It depends on us…depending on the Spirit. It will require an absolute shift from mission as leisure to mission as lifestyle. But this missional movement will die out, burn out, and go nowhere if we aren’t continually brought to repentance and faith in Christ ourselves, over and over again, for our idolatry of mission and indifference to mission. May Christ be more precious than mission, but may mission be more precious than our very own lives.