VERGE: Pre-conference Reflections

This is the unofficial launch of, heretofore known as Creation Project. We are still working out the kinks, but I hope you’ll: Bookmark it. Blog it. Tweet it. Comment on it. Link to it. Not because I am great but because the gospel is great. You can read more about the origin and meaning of Creation project here. Concisely, the aim of Creation Project is to equip and converse on all things Gospel, Culture, Church, and Mission.

Today I spent the whole day with other missional leaders in the VERGE pre-conference. We thought hard about how the gospel should work through the church in our culture on mission. Alan Hirsch & Leadership Network facilitated our time together by leading us through best practices conversations. Mega and Micro churches were represented. Here are a few take-aways:

  • We need a Missional Imagination to break through our inherited forms of church and really see the gospel take root in our communities and cultures. Falling back on top down, heavy-handed methods have moved us away from the DNA of gospel movements.
  • Church as Family must permeate everything, from the way we run staff meetings (less telling people what to do and more listening to people) to how we spend our time (more missional less administrative “staff”).
  • Invite people into my life, not just my Missional Community. Mission must be everyday life, not an occasional event, a monthly practice, a new Christian language. I am excited about upping this in my own life, about inviting our City Group leaders into my life more. More dinners and mission together, less formal meetings and trainings.