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Why I’m Deleting My Facebook

November 30, 2010

When I announced I’m deleting my Facebook account this week, the inquiries started flooding in: “Why are you deleting it?” “Isn’t it good for ministry contacts?” “Can you elaborate on this?” I figured I would share my reasoning at greater length than 140 characters (shocker, I know). Honestly, I find it kind of weird that people were so curious about this, but maybe that reflects my ignorance of the merits of FB. One warning, my reasons may not be your


The Gadarene, a graphic novel

November 28, 2010

This morning I read The Gadarene to my kids. The Gadarene is a graphic novel written by John Piper and illustrated by Drew Blom . It’s an excellent first launch into an uncharted genre for DG books. As I read through the book, I thought to myself: “This is believable and a good example of making great culture.” The design is excellent. Piper’s theologically fictionalized account of a demon-possessed man brings into focus Jesus real concerns in his healing ministry—social


Our Poverty in this Year’s Christmas

November 24, 2010

As the holidays approach, many of us are increasingly aware of our budget limitations. We nod at the hope Retailers offer through early bird incentives, knowing its just not enough for Christmas this year. There’s an acute national sense that we just won’t be able to give as many Christmas gifts (or as expensive ones) this year. My family is drawing names to give one gift to a family member instead of showering one another with gifts from everyone this


How NOT to be a Missional Church

November 23, 2010

This three part series explores three common errors people fall into when trying to become a missional church. It dovetails nicely with the recent series Transitioning to Missional Church.