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The Gadarene, a graphic novel

This morning I read The Gadarene to my kids. The Gadarene is a graphic novel written by John Piper and illustrated by Drew Blom . It’s an excellent first launch into an uncharted genre for DG books.

As I read through the book, I thought to myself: “This is believable and a good example of making great culture.” The design is excellent.

Piper’s theologically fictionalized account of a demon-possessed man brings into focus Jesus real concerns in his healing ministry—social restoration and divine reconciliation.

I’ll be referring to this novel this Sunday as I preach from Luke 8 and 9!

The Bible as Graphic Novel

Ajinbayo Akinsiku has tapped into his own cultural forms to produce a new Bible, a manga Bible. The art of manga is from Japan and follows the scheme of graphic novels, relying heavily upon action. Akinsiku has lifted action-charged scenes from Scripture and created graphic sequences that include Abraham charging out of an explosion to rescue lot and a Darth Vader like Og, king of Bashan (Deut 3).

The graphic novel is not a translation or an entire reproduction. Instead, Akinsiku is choosing themes and scenes from Scripture to emphasize certain points. Akinsiku said the biblical message he wanted to underscore in this novel was justice, especially for the poor. A novel on the life of Christ is in the works.

This is a brilliant idea, a contextualized expression of God in Christ redeeming the world. No doubt it is a narrow adaptation, and will miss certain elements and ideas in Scripture; however, Akinsiku is making no claim to inspiration. This is theology meets art and I can’t wait to read it. It will bring to life certain aspects of the biblical story that many westerners miss. It will complement the gentle Jesus of the West with a giant Jesus of the East, rounding out our theological conceptions of God, Christ, and the stories of Scripture. I welcome the idea of this graphic novel.

Read NYT article. Book at Amazon.