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New GCD eBook Store!

We are putting the finishing touches on the new GCD eBook store. It looks awesome (HT: Josh Shank). Our goal is to continue spreading great, free and inexpensive content to help make, mature, and multiply disciples of Jesus.  The store will enable us to distribute more efficiently as well as stay in step technologically. We are also hoping the store begins to generate enough profits to support the ministry of GCD.

We will have 8 new eBooks ready for download with more on the way. The books are formatted for all eReaders: Kindle, iBook, and PDF. The image gives you a sneak peak at the store to open on Tuesday!

Come out on Tuesday, peruse the store, and buy a book or two!

P.S. If you responded to my personal invitation to get a pre-release review copy of Unbelievable Gospel, please leave your name and email address in the comments.

Called Out Conference Audio

In the Called Out conference, I had the privilege of speaking three times on the topics of discipleship, community life, and missional living. The host church, Maranatha Grace, was incredibly hospitable. Also, check out Shai Linne’s great message on Psalms 16, a Christian Hedonism 101 sermon!

Is Jesus the Only Way?


Is Jesus the only way to God?” Some ask it with disdain: How could anyone assert that Jesus is the only way to God? Others ask it with genuine sense of doubt. Is Jesus the only way to God? How should we answer this question? What is the answer? I work through these and other questions in this blog series at The Resurgence. Coming Soon!

After writing Fight Clubs: Gospel-Centered Discipleship a couple of years ago, the need for reliable gospel-centered resources on all things discipleship became apparent. While making disciples over the past fifteen years, and training many pastors all over the world, I continue to see and hear the need for more Christ-centered wisdom in discipleship. Various questions arise for which there are few gospel-centered answers, at least in writing.

  • How do I make disciples in a context where people don’t believe in truth or God?
  • When and how should I address ethical issues in discipleship (i.e. greed, racial prejudice, homosexuality, cohabitation).
  • How can I make disciples without being programmatic?
  • What is the difference between evangelism and discipleship?
  • How can the church make disciples that teach everything Christ commanded?
  • What does discipleship look like in everyday life?

How Will Gospel Centered Help You?

Unfortunately, no single book or series of books can sufficiently address all these kinds of questions. Meanwhile, new questions continue to arise from the unique challenges of being a disciple and making disciples in context. The vision of Gospel Centered (GCD) is to meet many of these needs by making discipleship resources available at one site. The values that shape our resources include:

  • Culture-sensitive
  • Practitioner-tested
  • Gospel-centered
  • Community-shaped
  • Mission-focused is a long form resource site that will electronically distribute Articles, eBooks, and Curriculum on a host of discipleship issues, all from a gospel or grace centered perspective. Contributions come from a collective of proven gospel-centered practioners addressing a myriad of discipleship issues. It’s been great to see excellent content come in. The site launches Summer 2011.

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More to come…