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Counseling on Mission

Counseling might not be your gift, but it is your responsibility. It’s easy to put it off on the “professionals”, but we’re all called to counsel one another. In fact, we are always counseling, offering advice and direction to one another. The question is whether or not we are offering good counsel! Good counseling is discipling others with gospel wisdom in the full range of human thinking, feeling, and behaving. So how do we do that?

Gospel Community at Work

What do tobacco, community, and work have to do with one another? What would it look like to make work more like church? In this article I make these connections in order to promote great culture in our everyday work.

Gospel/Community/Mission Communion

I’d like to lay out the ingredients of the communion meal instituted by Jesus and observed by the church for twenty centuries–Gospel, Community, & Mission. In laying them out, inspect yourself and your own diet. Are you keeping all three ingredients together in your communion with God?

How NOT to be a Missional Church

This three part series explores three common errors people fall into when trying to become a missional church. It dovetails nicely with the recent series Transitioning to Missional Church.