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Getting Thru the Challenges of Mission & Community

The popularity of missional community is rising among evangelicals, and yet, the American church is nowhere near a missional tipping point. I’ve faced missional highs and missional lows. Along the way, I’ve considered a number of things that are absolutely necessary for us to endure the transition to missional church. How should we respond to the challenges of missional community? Over at blog I’ve posted three things to keep in mind as we lead on mission. The three points are below; click here for the whole post.

1. Building Missional Community Requires Stretched Grace.

2. Community is What You Make of It.

3. Labor for the Lord of Mission not the Fruit of Mission.

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Superficial Contextualization

Most of what is done in the name of contextualization isn’t contextualization at all. Two misuses of contextualization among so-called missional churches are, first, a superficial approach to culture and, second, gospel contamination that results from this approach.

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