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5 Albums I’m Enjoying

Wave after wave of music crashes in on our city as each annual music festival comes and goes. As a result, I get to hear a lot of great music. The problem, however, is that I am incredibly choosy. There’s much more I don’t like than I do like. So, for what it’s worth, here’s what’s been burning up my playlists:

Familiars, The Antlers – streaming from NPR for free until release

Lots of Johnny Cash – the American Recordings are great

Antiphon, Midlake – their latest and brightest. Can’t get enough of “The Old and the Young” and “Aurora Gone”

After the Disco, Broken Bells – I’ve been a devoted fan since their pop-up concert at SXSW years ago

Treasure Hunters, Tacks, the Boy Disaster – these guys are super talented and very unique but easy to listen to. Had them play at my wife’s 40th.



After the Disco [Today!]















Broken Bells follow album, After the Disco, releases today. This project band between The Shins frontman James Mercer and Dangermouse delivers once again. It is a sonic story of faith, hope, and love. Plus, it will move you. Their debut, self-entitled record, which I got to hear in a pop-up show in the Red River parking garage at SXSW in 2010, was fantastic. This sophomore effort builds on that greatness with artwork, short films, & most of all the music, stuffed with creativity.

^ Check out the films & music

^ Catch them on the Late Show tonight.


Enthralling 7 minute Broken Bells Movie

Fascinating isn’t it? This is Part 1, entitled: “The Angel and the Fool.” How often we are distracted by shiny things, which draw us away from our one, true love! It took so long to find her, but we let her go, far too easily enamored with lesser, and more dangerous objects.

Curious to see where the film series goes. What an example of great culture-making, all to promote a new album! Christians have even better news to promote, but you couldn’t tell it from a lot of our promo.

NPR Top 50 Albums of 2010

NPR has taken a poll to get a bead on the top 50 albums so far. Gorillaz’s new album, Plastic Beach, won by a strong margin (I’m a little disappointed but not surprised), followed by a host of good bands. See if you’re favorite is listed or if there are any missing! Here are the top 10.

  1. Gorillaz:  Plastic Beach
  2. The National:  High Violet
  3. The Black Keys:  Brothers
  4. Broken Bells:  Broken Bells
  5. LCD Soundsystem:  This Is Happening
  6. Vampire Weekend:  Contra
  7. Beach House:  Teen Dream
  8. Mumford and Sons:  Sigh No More
  9. Spoon:  Transference
  10. Sleigh Bells:  Treats