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Redeeming Marriage Blogging

Bruce Wesley is kicking off Redeeming Marriage with his first talk “How Marriage Works”. Laying a biblical foundation from Genesis for marriage with insight. For most this will guide the way, however some will need more help from sites like https://auritmediation.com/divorce-in-az/ and that is perfectly fine if you have exhausted all the Godly actions available to you.

  • “They were naked and unashamed.” God’s intention for marriage is that we can be completely known and unconditionally accepted.
  • Sin is Grade A selfishness. It refuses to believe that God knows what is best and insists in our own version of “best”.
  • What we need most is not a more vibrant sexual life in marriage, more spiritual intimacy, better job. What we need most is redemption.
  • Redemption not only forgives us for our selfishness but redirects us for serving our spouse.
  • Love is constant, mutual awareness.

“Tear Down this Wall to Build your Marriage”

  • A wall of static in a marriage is created when life becomes so busy that spouses “don’t talk like they use to.”
  • Forgiven people should be forgiving people.
  • Forgiveness is free & trust is earned.
  • Your anger is your anger.
  • Use your words to give life to your spouse. Build them up, encourage them. Dont tear them down.

Fights Worth Fighting

Marital Sanctity

  • Dont ride in cars alone with members of the other sex
  • Dont have deep soul conversations with members of other sex
  • Dont counsel with the door closed
  • Dont discuss deep issues of your marriage with members of other sex
  • Affair Progression: Show attn/Express consideration/express empathy/accidental touch/response/private communication/sex

REGISTER for Redeeming Marriage (Nov 20)

Austin City Life is hosting a one-day Marriage Retreat right here in Austin next Saturday (Nov 20)! We’d love for you to benefit from the wisdom, godliness, and gospel-centeredness of the Wesley’s marriage! All are invited to register but do so soon!


1: “How Marriage Works”

2: “Tear this Wall Down to Build Your Marriage Up”



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Fights Worth Fighting


Bruce Wesley is the founding pastor of Clear Creek Community Church in League City, Texas. Bruce is devoted to planting gospel-centered churches, building strong marriages and raising up leaders for the church of tomorrow. He and Susan have been married for 27 years.