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Revisiting the Forgotten Ways

Planting a new church, or remissionalizing an existing one, in this approach isn’t primarily about buildings, worship services, size of congregations, and pastoral care, but rather about gearing the whole community around natural discipling friendships, worship as lifestyle, and mission in the context of everyday life.

Click here for an expanded critique of Alan Hirsch’s Forgotten Ways.

Resources for Executive Pastors

Phil Taylor of Terra Nova, an Acts 29 church in New York, recently wrote an incredibly helpful article regarding resources for Executive pastors. In it he points pastors to books, online assessments and practical wisdom in being and selecting an executive pastor. Both Lead/Vision and Executive pastors will want to read “Top 5 resources for executive pastors and those who want one”.

Organic/Incarnational Recommended Reads

My church planting coach, Mark Moore, recently recommended the following books (w/disclaimer that he doesnt agree with everything in them). I’ve read a couple and now have more to read! I’ve linked a couple to personal blog reflections/reviews.

The Shaping of Things to Come (Frost, Hirsch)

The Forgotten Ways (Hirsch)

Radical Renewal (Snyder)

Houses that Change the World (Simson)

Organic Church (Cole)