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3 Layers of Mission

In a recent discussion on the GCM Collective Community site, we’ve been discussing ways to foster effective urban ministry. There have been some great best practices and insights shared. Here are three layers of mission I shared for missional communities (with examples from Austin City Life City Groups):

  1. Mission in Locale/Zipcode – a Missional Community that works with homeless communities to develop friendship & microfinance in their part of the city.
  2. Mission in Work/Vocation – an Missional Community that rallies around one of their artists by supporting their music by going to shows, building relationships into the artist community, and using music to fundraise for non-profits and build community.
  3. Mission as a Community – a Missional Community that has a partnership with a local job Womens Corps, serving once or twice a month to teach skills, serve the kids, and support the Job Corps.

We’re finding that it important to empower people to live out everyday mission in all three ways. If mission is a way of life, and not an event, then it will be important for missional community leaders to continually cast vision and equip for mission in all three areas.

GCM Collective Goes Live!

As promised, the GCM Collective Community Site went live yesterday. Over 300 people have already registered. Lot’s of great discussion, best practices, tool swapping, and encouraging stories are being shared. Several Groups have been particularly busy:

  • Planting Missional Churches
  • City Renewal
  • Transition to Missional

Get in on the conversation. I’m learning some helpful things and I’m willing to wager you will too! This is just the “back-end” of the GCM website, what we’re calling the Community Site. The front-end of the site, the Public Site (see pic), will be more resource-driven with an integrated blog, resources, and reviews. It’s coming soon.

Shout out to Drew Goodmanson and Monk Development for creating such a great site!

GCM Collective Launches Soon!

The GCM Collective (Gospel Communities on Mission) will be launching a live, interactive resource website on March 1st! The vision of GCM is to equip churches and leaders to plant, lead, and transition churches in gospel, community and mission. The GCM site will host discussions forums on important topics such as:

  • Developing Missional Leaders
  • Everyday Mission
  • City Renewal
  • Contextualization
  • Missional Theology
  • Culture Creation

In addition, you’ll have access to the writings, resources, and interaction of the following missional leaders and their respective churches:

Sign-up for updates on the site launch and the GCM Collective National Conference, which will be held later this year!