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Gospel Advance: Leading a Movement that Changes the World

I’m excited to announce the GCD Books├é┬áMonday release of Dr. Alvin Reid’s new book, Gospel Advance: Leading a Movement that Changes the World. The book is a great introduction to movements, and how anyone can join the historic movement of the gospel.

This could be the next book that puts you, your disciples, or leaders over the hump of complacency into the thick of true missional living. Short, punchy, and inspiring! Buy it, read it, but most importantly, do it!


Austin PlantR Network


This is a promotional card for the Austin Area Church PlantR Network. PlantR for short! The PlantR Network exists to catalyze a Christ-centered, context-sensitive church planting movement for social and spiritual renewal of Austin and beyond.

PlantR is a trans-denominational network committed to helping church planters plant and reproduce healthy missional churches. In 2009, we will be implementing more of the vision as we seek to catalyze a Christ-centered movement in three primary ways: networking, resourcing, and encouraging planters among all peoples in the greater Austin area.

Network: We are committed to networking planters through monthly meetings, online forums, and annual conferences in order to promote shared learning, resources, encouragement, and the mission of Christ.

Resource: We are committed to resourcing planters through up-to-date demographics, missiology, best practices, monthly speakers and resource swapping.

Encourage: We are committed to encouraging planters by facilitating a community of planters that care for one another through regular prayer and encouragement.


Keep an eye on our website as we increase the content and morph the site in the weeks and months to come.

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