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The Study of Evangelism

There are a lot of useless books on the topics of evangelism and mission. For starters, a lot of them divorce evangelism from mission; evangelism is reduced to a method or project, effectively subtracting narrow gospel proclamation from the broad path of mission. We need a whole gospel for whole mission. We need deeper philosophical, theological, and practical reflection on the practice of evangelism within the broader context of mission. The Study of Evangelism: A Practice of the Missional Church delivers.

This book is a collection of essays written by top missiologists, theologians, and practitioners such as: David Bosch, Carl Braaten, Walter Brueggemann, Darrell Guder, George Hunsberger, Lesslie Newbigin, Ron Sider, John Stott, and Hwa Yung.

Six propositions guided their selection of essays and articles for this book. The propositions alone are worth the book (emphasis added):

  1. Evangelism is a vital part of something larger than itself, namely the missio Dei.
  2. Evangelism is a process more than an event.
  3. Evangelism is concerned with discipling people in Christ.
  4. Evangelism is oriented toward the reign of God.
  5. Evangelism is a missional practice of the whole people of God.
  6. Evangelism is inescapably contextual.