Month: January 2008

Monuments to Gypsies, Lesbians, and Jews

What people, what nation builds monuments to gypsies, lesbians and Jews? The country that had the power to rule the world—Germany. In an incredibly redemptive turn, Germany has not only publicly acknowledged the atrocities of the Holocaust, it has also set out to embed cultural markers of confession and repentance by erecting monuments to the gypsies, lesbians and Jews that were murdered during the Holocaust.

It seems that white Evangelical churches have a lot to learn from the Germans. Instead of taking defensive postures regarding discrimination or abuse of minorities, what if the Church publicly repented and sought a more redemptive, love-driven engagement with American indians, homosexuals, and African-Americans? To be sure, many evangelical churches have done this, but it has not become mainstream practice. The gospel of Christ has not so infiltrated our churches that we live redemption and reconciliation, not just preach it. Here’s to monument-building to the oppressed, downcast, and broken-hearted!

Read the NYTimes article.

The Gospel and Community

for Paul the gospel bound believers to one another as well as to God. Acceptance by Christ necessitated acceptance of those whom he had already welcomed (Rom 15:7); reconciliation with God entailed reconciliation with others who exhibited the character of gospel preaching (Phil 4:2-3); union in the Spirit involved union with one another, for the Spirit was primarily a shared, not individual, experience. The gospel is not a purely personal matter. It has a social dimension. It is a communal affair. ~ Robert Banks, Paul’s Idea of Community

Off to Chicago

I am heading out to TEDS for Acts 29 Coaches Training today. I will try to blog a bit while I am there but no guarantees. I will be trained how to coach others in this incredibly challenging task of planting churches. A noteworthy resource made available to coaching candidates is Coachnet. Check it out. We also have read Coaching 101 by Bob Logan.And for an potential church planters reading this, there is a A29 bootcamp this week featuring Mark Driscoll, Ed Stetzer, Mark Dever and Darrin Patrick, and potentially D.A. Carson.