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You are Cool if you are Missional

You are cool because you are “missional”. It’s true. Face it. Forget the “mega”churches, the “seeker-sensitive” people, and those darn “prosperity” guys. They are all wrong.First of all, they are not at all “organic” and cannot hang with our beards, pipes, and brews. They obviously didn’t read “Total Church” or “Tangible Kingdom”, know nothing of church plants or gospel rhythms, and they most certainly are not “in the city for the city“. Nope. We are.
In celebration of our collective coolness I propose we play a game called: “Put your hand in the air, and if any of the statements below are true of you, put it down.
  1. You have used the word “missional” and you have no idea what it means, none whatsoever. Hand down.
  2. You have a“heart for the nations” but have never left your homestate for anything other than a trip to Disneyland. Hand down.

What Do you Do, for Work?

In curious of the breakdown for employment in our church. ACL people please take the poll and fill in the blank if your field of work isn’t listed.

The Statesman Reviews Austin City Life

The amiable Religion reporter, Joshunda Sanders, visited Austin City Life on Sunday and gave us a nice review in the Austin Statesman Of Sacred & Secular blog. An excerpt:

More than once, Dodson referred to Austin City Life as an “imperfect church clinging to a perfect Christ.” with “Christ meeting us at our messy parts.” What occurred to me through this repetition was the sense of welcoming a newcomer feels in the presence of the community at the church. My experience at some churches is that people feel like they already have to be on the path to perfection before they can go to church, but Dodson explained that the redeemed are a people who are not only not perfect; “The difference between them and the those who are not redeemed is that the redeemed exchange their badness for grace.”

Read it all.