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Gospel-centered Questions for Fight Clubs

Check out the new post from Justin Hroch on Gospel-centered Questions for Fight Clubs:

The purpose for being in a Fight Club is to attack sin at its root and see Christ in the height of his glory. Too often our focus is on the external symptoms of sin, where we strive for victory by working tirelessly to control our sin.

I have found it helpful to ask personalized gospel-centered questions to uncover the deep-rooted idolatries of my heart. Because we encounter temptation and sin in different ways, personalized questions can be very helpful in leading us to repentance and faith in Jesus.

Justin proposes we form specific questions to suit one another, keeping three things in mind:

  • Personality Type
  • Recurring Outside Influences
  • Tendencies towards Sin

Check it out here.

Stuff Stockings with Fight Clubs!

Seems like Fight Clubs: Gospel-Centered Discipleship is a popular Xmas gift this year! We’ve been selling quite a few this month. More news of churches and Christian universities using the book is rolling in, where Fight Clubs are starting in their own communities and campuses! We started the new Fight Club Resource Blog just for this. Drop by and give us a shout!

In case you’re looking for a discount or last minute stocking stuffer, here’s some helpful info: