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Fight Clubs now on Amazon

Fight Clubs: Gospel-centered Discipleship is now available on Amazon.com. Thanks to all those who are reading it and applying the gospel principles to this community approach to discipleship.

We keep hearing stories from all over the world of people being blessed from this book. I was recently contacted by a mens group in London and a church in Singapore. The stories of grace are so encouraging. If you’d like to share some your stories or get some resources, be sure to check out the Fight Clubs blog.

We have a new sermon up on Fight Clubs that contains some fresh exegesis of Chuck Pahalniuk’s film and application of gospel identity in fighting for joy in Christ.

*The sign to the right is a stand-up vertical. If you want the files to print the sign contact me at the bottom of the site.

**LuLu is offerin $100 off 100 copies of Fight Clubs til April 30!

Fight Clubs Wins Sales Contest!

My little booklet on gospel-centered discipleship won a contest at LuLu in January as the second highest selling book of the month! Thanks to all who purchased copies. As with the profits on these books, the reward will go back into supporting our church and my writing ministry (though I might treat my wife to something fun!).


More and more churches are implementing Fight Clubs in their communities. They frequently write us asking for discounts. So, we lowered the price from 8.50 to 6.99. Plus, bulk discounts are automatically discounted at LuLu as you increase the number of copies. Check here for free Fight Club resources and coupons. Try WINTERBOOK for 10% off now.


Are Fight Clubs just for men? Nope. In our church there are more women than men in Fight Clubs. They love fighting.

Can I make copies of the book? We prefer that you not make copies. Besides, after all the discounts and reduced prices the affordability rivals the cost of making copies. Oh, there’s a cheaper eBook version too.

Do I have to call them Fight Clubs? Of course not. Call them whatever you want, just be sure to make the gospel central!

How do Fight Clubs multiply? Once you have three, add a fourth person just for two weeks and then split off into two groups or have one person go start a new one.

Do intergenerational Fight Clubs work? Yes, we’ve seen single men fight for joy with younger men. Sometimes a natural mentoring relationship emerges. The key isn’t similar struggles; it is commitment to the same gospel that addressees all our struggles, whatever age you are.

When’s the next book? I’ve contributed to Viral Hope: the good news from the urbs to the suburbs, which comes out in March. I’m working on a booklet like FC called City Groups: Gospel-centered Missional Community. And I’ll do a revised & expanded FC later this year. Lord willing, I’ll start work on my first full-length book this summer.


Ben Hansen, graphic artist and designer of Fight Clubs, has created some pretty cool vertical signs. If you’re interested in purchasing the files to have them made for your church, just send an email to Justin.

Networking and Fight Clubs @ Verge

I guess this is VERGE day. A few points of interest…

  • Missional Community Training: I will be doing some training for the Midtown Team on missional community during Verge. If you’re interested in having me do this for your team, drop me a comment or a line. We are working on getting some of our Missional Community training out in the form of more in-person trainings and a booklet on Gospel-centered Missional Communities.
  • Fight Clubs at Verge: I’ve had a number of requests for Fight Clubs books to be available during Verge. I will have 150 copies available for discounted price of $5 at the Acts 29 display/table.
  • Coming to Verge? Drop a comment if you’re coming. Hopefully we can meet up.